a bottle marked poison

Answers on a postcard, please   Sal, 24, magpie. Too much is almost certain to disagree with one sooner or later

Excuse the fuck out of me…

Ask me to believe that these 5 kids dont just sit in sullen silence while the jock fingers the princess under the desk and the Brain contemplates a further suicide attempt.

Ask me to believe Alison allows herself to be painted and primped without scratching Claires eyes out.

Ask me to believe that Mr Vernon just gives up halfway down the day.


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"Tell me your troubles and doubts
Giving me everything inside and out and
Love’s strange so real in the dark
Think of the tender things that we were working on

Slow change may pull us apart
When the light gets into your heart, baby

Don’t you forget about me
Don’t don’t don’t don’t
Don’t you forget about me…”

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Can I PLEASE have an animated tie-in show called The Wild Yet Surprisingly Vulnerable Adventures Of Bender And The Basket Case, please?

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I even love the janitor.

T minus 1/2 hour to drunkenly belting Don’t You Forget About Me at the ceiling.

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Lightly soused and watching the Breakfast Club. I love them all. Even Molly Ringwald

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Things I want right now:

1) Some After-Eights

2) Another hour before sleep and sickness overtakes me so I can get some work down

3) A shinigami (just to talk to.  They seem like fun guys and I was sitting on my own all day at work)

4) A hairclip (the bangs are so irritating when I’ve been caught in the rain.

5) Sam Riley/Eva Green - but that’s my permanent state of being

6) Someone to stroke my hair (see point 5)

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Please, i need hugs and alcohol, stat. Well, maybe leave the drink til after work…

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I only ever get sick over the bloody weekends. :(

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Oka, so I know it’s summer, but  how smart girls get £140 coats for less than half-price.  So the sun might be splitting the trees, but we’re all going to take a second here and appreciate my fabulous new coat.

The top pic is me in my everyday splendour, looking like a complete hobo while I try and figure out the timer on the laptop camera.  I provide it for reference so you can see that I do not always look like a Russian orphan, unaware of her noble birth, abandoned by a wicked fiancé at a platform where the train is bound for the Czech Republic, where I shall meet by accident my greatest love and wealthy benefactor, but woe! for it shall transpire he is my long lost brother, exiled from the court of the Tsar, and our children must live as monstrous outcasts in the sight of God  *hand to forehead, decorative weeping*

Not enough people saw this, dammit. Will delete later

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he is so handsome i actually cannot with him


he is so handsome i actually cannot with him

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This is a mystery reblog. Its in my likes, but im on the app and its just grey shapes. Maybe somebody would be good enough to let me know if it ruins the illusion of taste i have to try and keep up around this blog.

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